I reallllllly like seeing colors.

Yesterday, for the 1st couple of hours after you put my single contact lense in, colors seemed flourescent. Then after a that the colors seemed to bring a lot of clarity to my overall vision.

I felt like I had a new pair of glasses. Then I began to be amazed at all the "new" colors I had never experienced in the last 61 years.

In the third grade in mid-November I was sent to the Principal's office for "cutting up in class." I had colored my turkey for Thanksgiving green instead of brown. Like all the others on the wall. The teachers, the principal and my parents all thought I was trying to be funny or misbehaving.

I did not understand what all the fuss was about. All I knew was that my Mom and I were in the Principal's office and I was going to get a spanking (at school and at home from my Dad) for "mis-behaving." It was not until I turned 18 during the Viet Nam era, and was called up for the draft did I learn that I was color blind.

Prior to yesterday, I have never experienced seeing colors. There are so many different ones. I "learned" the shade of gray I percieved in the yard was green, since my first grade reader told us that grass was green. I learned the color I percieved as blue was the sky. That the sun was yellow, etc.

But yesterday I had no idea there were so many other colors and so many shades of all different blues, reds, greens, etc. Most to be beautiful. But some are just down right ugly, there are some buildings in Houston that should be condemned or repainted.

I took my glasses off and asked a couple of friends if they notice anything different about my eyes. They looked hard and asked if I thought I some dust or something in them, But neither could see anything in them. Evidently my concerns about what they are going to "look like" to other people is nothing to worry about. But I would not care if they both thought I had an eye tranplant from a fish - I really enjoy seeing the world for what it is. I have read in near death experiences the people all come back saying that there were billions of colors they had never perceived before. I guess that is what it was like for me yesterday. I went to "color heaven" without having to encounter a near death experience to see what everyone else sees.

At one point I did encounter a stop sign with a live oak branches grown around it, and I could make out the stop sign just as clear as day. So not only did I get to enjoy the colors but they have made the world a safer place for me - and others.


-Lane P.

A friend of are's saw dr.panzer on tv one night talking about helping some that could not see very well to be able to see. We live in Pink Hill NC which is 1265 miles from Houston. Nona called my wife and told her about dr. panzer,and the work he had done with people that was legally blind. That is what is wrong with my wife so noan got my wife an appointment for 8/02/12, and dr. put the sample glasses that he had on her and her face lite up like a spot lite. She smiled all over because that was the first time she had seen me and are grandaughter that we are raising in 3 years. Then doc said he couldn't preform miracle's, but on that day he did,and set out to start another one when he called dr. porter to fit my wife with a pair of glasses so that she can see out of. While we were coming back to n. c. she could see forther up the road than i could and read the road signs. Dr. panzer may tell you he can't perform miracles, but my family thinks diferent, and will for ever.


Thanks for providing me with the 'SynergEyes HyBrid Contact Lens.' You have given me the vision that 'NO OTHER' eye doctor could give or would be willing to give. These contact lens are so comfortable and getting easier to insert and remove, as I use them. I can now see leaves on trees and water running down a shower drain. I can do all this by just moving my eyes up and down or side to side. I DO NOT have to turn my head to focus on objects, with these lens and this produces the instance focus, that is needed.


I wanted to write and tell you how great the glasses are working for me. You were absolutely correct, the difference in clarity is amazing. As you know, I have had problems seeing clearly while working up close to circuit boards even with corrective lenses. Since the getting the new lenses I have not experienced any problems at all and the glare reduction while driving at night is a blessing. I would highly recommend these lenses to everyone that wears glasses.

Thank you so much for the care that you have given to me over the many years we have known each other. I also appreciate the wonderful care you have given my family, having two daughters with juvenile diabetes has definitely been a challenge. I and they are extremely fortunate to know their eye care is in such good hands.


Hi Dr. Panzer, sorry it took so long to get back to you. My wife and I have been working like crazy. About the lenses, [they] are AWESOME!!! I see things in plants that were not there before...the other day I was driving with them on and saw something that I normally would not have been able to without them...I saw a beautiful rose in a field of grass and it stood out like a sore thumb. It brought me close to tears. Dr. Panzer, I cannot express in words...the way I feel about your help...with my "deficiency." Thank you so much for all your efforts and the GREAT JOB you did on my lenses.


I was very pleased with my vist. It isn't often that a doctor actually takes the time to explain things and do a thorough examination. Thanks.


Dr. Panzer, First and foremost, I want you to know that I'm very happy with my iZon lenses in my new Lindberg frames. The second pair actually just arrived today and are what I've always wanted from the very beginning. Please say 'Howdy!' to everyone for me.


Thanks for recommending the Wave contact lenses. I love not having to wear contacts during the day. In science class, the kids wearing contacts have to take them out so the chemical fumes do not hurt their eyes. I do not have to worry about this because I wear mine at night!


Dr. Panzer,

I have meant to tell you how much your dry eye meds have helped me.

After suffering with dry eye for many years, my eyes had reached a point of such discomfort that I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Even through the many therapies I had tried, from Restasis, to vitamin A pills, eye exercises, wet eye masks, eye drops of all description, my eyes were getting worse. I couldn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes before my eye drops would wear out. I had hot spots on the surface of my eyes, raised painful bumps that lit up whenever I blinked. I went about with the bloody red eyes of an unshielded welder.

Then came that fateful day when you told me you had something new. Something really promising. When you said I would feel its effects almost immediately I was expecting increased relief but nothing particularly significant or long lasting. Now that day has come and gone some 14 months, or so and I have to tell you, I am so pleased!

I am back at a point that I was some 10 years or more ago. When I awake at night, I may only need a splash of water on my eyes before I lay back down. Frequently, I sleep all night without discomfort. As long as I maintain at least a 3 dose a day regimen, I am good to go. My eyes have that freshly polished feel all day.

From myself and others like me that you have under your care, thank you so much!


I pleasurably give you my heart filled thanks for your "on the money" advise and recommendations concerning my decision of LASIK surgery. Obviously your plates full juggling Optometrist practice, expertise in court cases and various travel helping patient's in need.

I feel quite honored and appreciative that a gentleman of such exquisite character scheduled time to provide professional but critical advise to me, someone you don't know and never met. Your actions and willingness to help sheds light on the true reason your a Physician, to help people, regardless of monetary gain or public gratitude.

Taking your advise and armed with this email of your recommendations, enabled me to locate an Optometrist. His advise mimicked yours to a tee, he said, "with all of your previous issues, you should run not walk from any unnecessary surgery, including LASIK."

Sound familiar? It should, you suggested the same, so, eyeglasses and contacts are my only option.

Please understand the reason I contacted you, I have an advanced education but, my feeling of apprehension and unease were triggered when three Ophthalmologist assured LASIK was the answer. I truly don't want you to think I was a waste of your time.

Doctor, your professionalism is astounding, your open arm policy is refreshing and your attitude is to the point. The Physicians oath you were required to take upon receiving your license to practice, I can honestly say, you walk the walk, not talk the talk.

Thank you so much Doctor Panzer for everything. I guess there's no reason for me to call or schedule an appointment, your opinion was the key, I needed someone to trust, and that was you. We thank you again.

-S D Johnson